Bringing Together Schools & Corporate Partners

Schools Win:

Unleash the marketing value of your school!

Break the mold!  Stop asking for donations!

Build a new campus wide marketing program!

Schools generate $50,000 or more per year in new revenue!

Check out this article in the Atlanta AJC!

Corporate Partners Wins:

Know exactly how many people you reach every day!

Community Relations reach through the Marketing budget!

Your marketing message is an emotional School connection!

You already spend outdoor marketing; now help Schools!

Reach key demographic groups within 1 mile  of their homes!

Single point of contact across all schools!

Tremendous PR opportunity!
Lassiter High School
Marietta, GA
Shallowford Road Marquee
Sprayberry High School
Marietta, GA
Sandy Plains Road Marquee
44,000 Cars Per Day
19,000 Cars Per Day